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Recruitment Tips for Professionals

Growing your Section & Branches group is easier than ever at:

You'll find brochures, recruitment materials, customizable templates, giveaway goodies, and everything else you need to boost your recruitment at ASCE's one-stop online site. 

  • Build your membership. If you don't already have one, set up a Membership Committee and solicit members who you feel will take an active role in growing membership. Carefully select a passionate chairperson or Membership Champion to lead to the Membership Committee. 
  • Recruit new Section and Branch members through the Member-Get-a-Member program and the Section Membership Drive. Include your name and contact information as a source for recruitment kits, applications, questions, etc. 
  • Promote your meetings. Distribute Section/Branch information to meeting attendees to outline the benefits or Section/Branch membership. 
  • Customize your presentations. Download out short professional or student member presentation templates and customize it as needed. 
  • Show a video from the ASCE video page to highlight a key professional issue your Section & Branches are talking about. 
  • Use ASCE resources. Take advantage of camera-ready ads from ASCE headquarters for your Section/Branch newsletter.
  • Social media. Show off your Section & Branches meetings and activities on Instagram/Facebook/YouTube!  This is a great way to build interest in and promote your Section & Branches. 
  • Make contacts. Reach out to as many sources or potential members as possible. Refer to lists of past meeting attendees and review any feedback from member interest surveys to identify potential new members. 

Bonus Tip: Remember to promote the added value of ASCE membership. Members have access to Section & Branches activities and benefits when they register for ASCE Society membership!  

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