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Student Recruiting Tips

7 Tips for Growing Your ASCE Membership

  • Find your ASCE kick-off kit. Your faculty advisor received a box containing our new 3-poster series, a pack of 25 brochures, and some giveaways to distribute during your classroom presentations, your club fair or your back-to-school welcome social. Need more supplies? Read on!
  • Schedule your classroom presentations.  Download our presentation template and customize it as needed. We’ve embedded a new student membership video in the presentation.
  • Show your Civil Engineering spirit! Display the new ASCE posters in prominent locations. The 3 designs look great grouped together—order more for maximum impact. If space is limited, swap them out over the course of the semester. Not allowed to hang posters? Download the poster projection file to project the image on the wall.
  • Up your Club Fair game. Show the new membership video on a tablet, use brochure blocks to attract fellow builders’ attention, order great giveaways, display your Concrete Canoe or all the above! 
  • Promotion, Promotion, Promotion. Whether it’s your welcome barbeque, a site tour, or your regular meeting, use the downloadable flyer template to promote all your events with a consistent and recognizable brand. When appropriate, be sure that all students know they are welcome to attend.
  • Add some professional polish to your meetings. Joining ASCE as a student gets you one step closer to your career as a civil engineer. Set the tone for your chapter meetings by using the downloadable PowerPoint template to add some polish to your meeting presentations, show a video from the video page to highlight a key professional issue, or invite ASCE professional members to present on their work and share information about their area of practice.
  • Get even more benefits. Remember to promote all the additional benefits your chapter members receive when they also register for their ASCE society membership—it’s free for students! Start the application here

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